About EpiSwitch Checkpoint inhibitor Response Test (CiRT): The first and only test of its kind

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The EpiSwitch® CiRT Test was developed by Oxford BioDynamics, a leader in the design of genomic tests that help people understand their disease risks and likely response to prescribed drugs.

Research and development of EpiSwitch, a proprietary, epigenetic, biomarker-discovery platform, first began at Oxford University, England in 2005. Once proof of concept was established in June 2007, Oxford BioDynamics was spun out from the University with the aim of translating scientific advances into a commercialized platform that could leverage newly discovered epigenetic biomarkers to develop predictive tests for chronic diseases and cancer.

EpiSwitch research and medical analysis services focus on the discovery, evaluation, validation, and monitoring of changes in the 3-dimensional organization of the human genome (3D genomics) as a novel class of epigenetic biomarkers. Oxford BioDynamics has applied EpiSwitch in medical testing kits, prediction of response to therapy, patient prognosis, disease diagnosis and subtyping, and residual disease monitoring in a wide range of indications. Monitoring 3D genomic changes by EpiSwitch can provide a compelling, stable readout of cellular changes, long before they manifest as a clinical sign or symptom.

The EpiSwitch platform was recognized by Frost & Sullivan as the Best European Biomarker Discovery Technology in 2015 and the company was a recipient of the 2019 Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in Innovation. EpiSwitch is poised to play a critical role in identifying individual disease risk profiles to optimize the diagnosis and management of a range of conditions and diseases to help advance personalized healthcare.